ITAR Backlog

Description: With so many venture capital and international players, looking for ITAR features, can't sleep, England, India, China and other countries. However, we need to deploy with the team - in sync. Because the brain explodes and also, the competition doesn't have enough to compete, so we need to move slowly, make sure we cash in, correctly where the competition doesn't have technical abilities, or takes so long to build anything, they are sitting on social media all day, from other countries. Meanwhile, in America ... Minimum wage constructs created, for only a few people to take advantage of this unlimited opportunity. However, we need to get rid of international spies, and get them to pay taxes, for Americans, so they can continue to create, expand human consciousness, and get full credit, for this ground breaking, ITAR.

Create Time: 08-12-2022

Update Time: 08-12-2022