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Psyche of a tweet vs auto tweet

Tweet vs Status:

The benefits of a tweet are many compared to a Facebook status:

A tweet is small and rich in characters due to the limitation, i.e. 140 characters.
It's textual, great for search and keywords.
It's radius for viewers is much larger due to # tags, i.e. conferences.
Great for marketing message.
Great for distributing links with short descriptions.
More benefits on Twitter website.

Tweet vs Auto Tweet:
The benefits of an auto tweet are many compared to a normal tweet:

Automatic, hence physical person doesn't need to be involved.
Great for repeat marketing message.
Great for distributing links with short descriptions, continuously.
The tweet stays recent, hence high score on Google search results.
Gain continuous stream of followers and views.

Technology is changing very fast. Recently at SXSW 2011, Tim Draper of DFJ mentioned Mohr's law in affect where in 5 years we will evolve 50 years growth. Lots to learn in Social media management systems (SMMS) space, however auto tweets is a great advancement from simple tweets. If you can educate your audience for it. Sometimes people don't like automatic, but that's their ignorance and preference rather any real reason. Opinions are many, we have lots of analytic data to show results and many customers recommendations and thank you letters for rewards for using auto tweets from local food and farmers' markets all over Northern California.

Most awareness happens at the beginning when the content is published. However not everyone is available to view the content, especially on Twitter. The interest goes for a while and then new content is posted. The repeat of the content posting still shows audience interest, people that didn't see the post first time through.


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