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Startup life: Direction, Execution and a pack of cigarettes

Startup life is tough: You need a thorough commitment and focus. Recently I was watching NBA basketball and Jeff Van Gundy mentions inspiration of Kobe Bryant: Motivation, Skill and Will. My variation is a little different; Direction, Execution and a Pack of Cigarettes:

Start with an idea
Pivot or change according to business requirement
Generate revenue
Profitability is achieved when business is paying for itself
Exit or merge into bigger offering

Do it yourself because technology is easier to implement
Find folks with synergy to work with
Find amazing advisors and investors
Facebook engineer right out of college makes $120k/year in bay area, California. Architects $180k/year
Lots of attitude to hire any technical talent and the positions are in high demand
Contractors make $150/hour and more

Pack of Cigarettes:
Not literally
Skilled folks like to be comfortable
Move in herds
Do what makes you happy
Skilled people have lots of choices
Enjoy your pack of smokes!


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