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Startup Pivot: Leaner than #LeanStartup

In the past 4 years, @mytweetmark has launched many websites. Fail fast, pivot and try again. Some of them died, some of them are doing great but more coming! Here is the @mytweetmark lifestream:


January 2010: @mytweetmark launched - Saw need for blogging and metrics, cheaper advertising option to Google and Facebook utilizing open Twitter API.
January 2010 - March 2010: Cloned @mytweetmark to 5 sites:
@mytweetmark - Auto tweets
@drspiritcom - Spiritual thought sharing site
@mytweetsports - Sports score sharing site
@viralfactors - Viral analytics
@homecookme - Recipe sharing
March - April 2010: SXSW affect, killed @drspiritcom, @mytweetsports and @viralfactors! Chirp affect, chip monks coding away at chirp. Many implementing similar ideas to @mytweetmark..
June - March 2011: First mover advantage in signing up all the local businesses for over 150 farmers' markets in Northern California and Austin. Not signed are still on email campaigns, receiving offers.
March 2011: SXSW affect, launching @winehomeme for wine sharing and iphone mobile applications!
August 2011: @homecookme mobile
August 2012: Relaunched @drspiritcom
April 2013: @TheSecretBookOM published
June 2013: @TheSacredBookOm published
March 2014: Relaunched @mytweetmark and @homecookme
May 2014: Reintroduced blogging platform, to go with auto tweets.

Some of the lessons learned:

Speed is everything.
Execute fast and learn on the metrics.
Make decisions.
Implementing new technology is much easier and faster.
Follow LeanStartup
@twitter is amazing marketing platform.
Never be ashamed of fail.
Quit whining, continue doing.
Action speaks larger than words.
Meet as many angels and VCs you can.
Pivot on feedback.
Time to market is everything.
Understand competition.
If your execution sucks and late, the market will be taken.
If your execution is early, determine whether the opportunity is worth the wait?
Only the first one gets the dinosaurs, i.e. the hockey stick chart or biggest piece of the pie, market share.
Startup is not about weekends, or weak ends (VC terminology). It feels like a weekend every day!


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