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Startup Mentors and Advisors

Startup life is hard. The road is long and there are many road blocks. Mentors and advisors are important aspect of the journey. Below I will outline keys to finding successful mentor-ship:

Available: Startup progress is a game of timing and momentum. How available an advisor is makes a huge difference whether they are able to help you at critical junctures.
Synergy: Do you drink beer with your advisor? Not literally, but are you on the same page? Do you look straight in to eyes of your advisor?
Previous experience: What is the qualification of the advisor? Do they have resume credentials to help you unblock the road.
Domain expertise: How much do they know in the area of your business. Can they help you on technical side or the business side?
Outdated Skills: At a recent visit with Tim Draper, the founder of DFJ, he pointed out Mohr's law where in 5 years, we will make a leap in technology and business of what we achieved in 50 years in the past. Is the advisor still part of new wave of startups or their skills outdated? Early stage startups require a completely different skill than late stage startups.
Motivation: What's the motivation behind the advisor helping you? Is it corporate titles, money or passion. Passion lasts longer than everything else.
Introductions: How eager are they to make introductions to people that can unblock the road and help you grow your business?
Big picture: Do they see the big picture and your business growth or are they just hanging for the ride?

So there you have it. Choose your advisors and mentors properly and put them on your weakness. If all the above are answered correctly, you will enjoy the ride and I am sure they will be part of your success as well.

Happy advisor and mentor hunting!


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