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Tweet Marketing

Marketing your blog or company on Twitter is very fun! You can do all kinds of fun stuff, talk to interesting people and share content. You can make great connections and friends. You can reach so many more people by following or search tags for conferences and meet ups. Twitter users are very engaging. They love constant flow of information. Here is how @mytweetmark can help you find interesting people. Please find interesting tweets that are marketing tweets. Use our auto tweets. Let's measure the impact through our analytics.

Login to @mytweetmark with your @twitter account.
To test the value of your tweet by page views, go to Analytics, type in the twitter status with a link back to your @mytweetmark profile. For example, "Please try out for #newtwitter #analytics ".
To find the best hashtag to use, please visit or .
Once you have measured marketing tweets, please go to Auto Tweet section and fill in 100 tweets. In the tweets, please also have links to your blog that is measurable through analytics. Please give it a month. Let's measure the quality and quantity of your followers and page views.

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