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myTweetmark Analytics!

People know I have spent a lot of time with metrics and dashboards. If I see any piece of important data, I build a dashboard around it so with charts and graphs, I can identify patterns. These patterns are usually the secret sauce for understanding your business. Yes, I have gotten people fired before for exposing too much data. But that's all because it's in the best interest of the company. Nothing personal, just business.

on myTweetmark, we are exploring the Twitter ecosystem on hashtags and reach. I could create simple categories for my content, and get instant page views because of using proper hash tags. But the fun doesn't stop there. Once the users on twitter clicks on mytweetmark link and come back to the site, we have all sorts of interesting referral data to play with. Currently, I am displaying the hosts % break down by google visualization api charts. I could however get information about country, page views, uniques, time spent, etc. from this powerful referral data. There is lots to be explored in this area. Think about it. You are driving a marketing campaign, and you want to know everything about your traffic. This allows you to fine tune your campaigns and get the most for your buck. Trust me, I spent a lot of time with marketing initiatives from engineering angle for a couple of extra large social networks The more the data, the better the metrics.


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