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How to use @mytweetmark


mytweetmark is here to help business brands reach larger audience for FREE through internet viral marketing We are an extension of twitter, which means all your tweet data belongs to twitter, which is a great benefit of using our service. Twitter is here to scale and will continue to evolve into the giant ecosystem where many online businesses will flourish and get free presence (so far). We are one of the first ones to really understand this phenomena and are putting all our energy and power into building the tools necessary to accelerate the growth of these businesses. You will get huge attention, measured by page views and whole set of user analytical features. There is absolutely NO COST to you. All you need is a twitter account to log into our system and you are ready to start.


Login to our system using twitter credentials. We will pull your profile photo and create a profile account. Once you register with us, you are responsible for manually keeping user profile information concurrent with twitter.

By default, any content, i.e. bookmarks, posts and blogs you create for your brand, will be tweeted to your twitter account with a link back to your profile. So if you would like to work on your profile first and then tweet, turn the tweet option off. You can work on your profile and when ready, turn tweets on.

You will see within minutes and seconds your page views going up! These are free clicks of users coming to view your brand profile. The users are a mixture of twitter followers, search term viewers and mytweetmark users. Your content reaches far and distant places where you never had access. All of this free! Compare this to cost of displaying ads on google, bing or facebook and you know what we are talking about.

There are many other features like retweet, twitter update and widgets, community bookmarks and posts where you can view other mytweetmark user content. Most importantly, take some time to understand the product and brand yourself.

We are currently providing information regarding where your link backs to your profile are coming from in the 'Analytics' section. It's great to know details on your users. We are going to continue to enhance this section for your benefit. With powerful metrics, you will be able to measure your internet viral marketing campaigns successfully.

Please feel free to email bilal (at) mytweetmark (dot) com for any questions. Cheers.


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