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Agile Development and RACI Matrix

I have the pleasure of implementing an Agile development environment for a new team. The team at the moment was following water wall model; considered under performing. A project due date came along, six weeks left, one developer and one lead developer. My manager communicated for the moment and said it can't be done. I as a lead responded by saying that give me a chance. We have to implement agile methodologies here.

The agile sprints, every two weeks made the team very sharp. The development team grew to four and we finished the project in six weeks and made the deadline.

From that model, an adjacent project for first time android release was in progress, was helped. There were outside vendors and contractors involved. They finished half the project and we're struggling to finish the rest without charging a lot of money. I implemented agile, sizing of tasks and daily standups and status. A bug triage which would allow us to see what remains and how many people can help, in parallel. I just hired my new iPhone and Android developer so I was ready to take on ownership of the project, inhouse. The project finished within a month.

The whole organization bought into agile methodologies. The team grew to 20. The budgets quadruple. The team contained a mixture of front end, back end and native device developers. The money for projects start coming in. Multiple projects in flights, hitting various dates with various developers.

Now the time came to document the process. Someone in the organization, with depth of project management experience mentioned RACI matrix. They were also kind enough to give us a template which contains all high level functions for all roles involved. Each high level category, new release, new defects, specifications, release planning, sprint planning, project management, development execution, testing, release, personal, non - release items, deployment, have sub categories or tasks. The simple role types are development manager, lead, developers, qa lead, qa engineers, project manager, product manager, business owner, UX lead, UI developers, content producer.

By having the organization setup based on roles and tasks, it's easy to apply RACI matrix to an Agile development environment. R = Responsible, A = Accountable, C = Consulted, I = Informed. For each sub task in a category, for example, development, assign R.A.C.I.


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