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Challenging #venture #capitalists and their #egos

Once upon a time, I built a startup. A bootstrapping startup, which is very hard to do, considering the amount of money it takes to build the software. You need business people, project managers, engineers, web designers, backend engineers and sales staff.

The venture capitals found out. The success ratio of a successful VC is ~4/200. That's a lot of loss before getting a win. Most of the venture capitalists dissolve quickly, taking the companies they invest with them. Many entrepreneurs go down in flames. The venture capitalists move on.

The venture capitalists tried to impress me with all sort of ways. Putting their people on my social networks. Spying my every move. I learned their techniques really quickly, and rather directing any negativity towards them, used as a force to build my business.

Please see our tweets and buy the startup book :) Learn the tricks and techniques on how to handle venture capitalists. Learning how to validate your startup is key. Many venture capitalists have tried to copy ideas, but they fail because their execution window is so small. If you buy the book, you won't fall into that trap.


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