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Entrepreneur Cheerleaders

It's a known fact that an entrepreneur is constantly surrounded by people. Most of them are great people, helping the entrepreneur through tough times. However sometimes, the entrepreneur has to deal with negative situations. Most of these are coming from peers, that envy the progress of the entrepreneur and try to stop it.

The entrepreneur cheerleaders is a group of people that surround the entrepreneur. They laugh at every joke. They agree with everything the entrepreneur is saying, except for a few disagreements, which could be very deep, depending on how strong the cheerleader holds it, in her heart.

The real issue is that the entrepreneur is scared of the cheerleaders. Their agenda, sometimes hard to understand, could be detrimental to the progress of the goal, which is to take the startup to IPO. However, politely, the entrepreneur has to deal with cheerleaders. Most of the time, the cheerleaders are the venture capitalists, that the entrepreneur has to please.

The entrepreneur cheerleaders are a validation, that the business is doing good. If you know of any extra cheerleaders, please send them our way.


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