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Agile Development - onShore and offShore

The new era of software development is here. For a development team to be productive, most companies are hiring offshore. India, for example has computer science and math in the DNA, unlike any other country. In order for a team to be successful, coordination is required, in between onshore (US) and offshore.

With agile development methodology, it's much easier to scope a project. Do note cards on the board, write down each task, identify all the dependency tasks, and divide up the work in between active team members. The agile sprint system allows sizing of tasks, which can be equally divided among team members. There are front and back end tasks, dev ops, database, and many others.

Once the tasks are distributed evenly, based on bandwidth of team players, the project gets kicked off. Some of the tasks get done onshore, and some offshore. A daily standup is required, so all onshore and offshore teams can coordinate on the progress. A daily standup is 30 seconds of updates per team member, however any outstanding issues go into a post scrum, where the issues are discussed in details, and blockers are removed.

With the new model of agile development coordination between onshore and offshore, the team works 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. While the onshore is sleeping, offshore is coding, and vice versa. This paradigm creates an unbeatable agile methodology velocity of the team, that is the fastest way to gets tasks done and projects finished.


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