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Startup Zen

Zen is the ability to single point focus. The skill is learned by intense meditation and yoga. The practice is to let go of all your thoughts. Once all the thoughts are removed, we are wide awake. Then we are able to focus on things that matter. A cluttered mind is distractions. If a simple urge within takes away from concentration, then meditation is required.

In Hindu culture and vedanta, zen is defined by dyana. Dyana is the 5th highest level of concentration, where as 7th level of concentration is samadhi, or enlightenment, according to the scriptures.

Thoughts travels. Our deepest motives are visible in our aura. When we pass a thought to someone, a thought comes back to us. Zen allows identifying these patterns, and restrict by stopping the thoughts from going out. Sending out negative thoughts result in receiving negative thoughts, and dealing with it.

For a startup to thrive, it's important to have concentration. More importantly, your concentration is a reflection of the team, hence it's very important to always be positive. As developers and coders, it's very important to mentally isolate in a place of concentration, so programming can happen. A distracted mind has a hard time to finish tasks. Programming is all about focus, and especially a place of zen, a meditation itself. This is where the magic happens. Some of my accomplishments within startup and zen are:

1. 450 lines of code in 45 minutes.

2. 2-3 million lines of code integrated into production branch in 1 month, written by previous contractor.

3. Full vertical implementation of a product, minimal viable product developed in 2-3 days.


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