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Indian Startup Ecosystem - Globalization

In 2001, as the .com bubble collapsed, it created a turmoil for the startup as well as the corporate america. It released a lot of engineers, from Indian and Chinese decedents back to the homeland. This was due to the process of green card, and the Bush administration, purposely delaying the process, so the immigrants can't get a nationality.

I was one of the lucky ones, got my green card processed before this event. However, many true genius of the internet boom were sent back home, to India and China. The best breed from the group, went back to their homelands and created startups. Tata Consultancy, for example in India, flourished, and gave room to lots of developers, to grow and learn. Many engineers in India, learned from the teachers, that lived in United States, and now teaching India how to code. The whole onshore and offshore model of software development, as we live in it today is a result of the huge accomplishment of the Indian subsidinaries, that taught the new generation how to code. I have had a pleasure to work with those folks.

The startup ecosystem is heavily dependent on immigrants and a talent pool that knows the 'know how'. Without that, we are dealing with green developers, that have a really hard time to code. Coding is genetic. If your education is heavily dependent on Math and Computer Science, then you are in the pool. If not, good luck! We can talk about it in 5 years and see how it went. Have a scotch on the sorrow.

A computer glitch is very hard to solve. It takes special training to resolve those issues, or you get grey hairs, mind lost. To really analyze the potential, we have to accept the fact if we are up to the challenge, of the work. If the work can't be done by us, give it to someone, for cheap to do it. However, we loose all the learnings along the way.

Today, many startups, banks and other corporations, continue to sent work back to India and China, because the folks local are not capable to take on the challenge. This is globalization. If you want to do it yourself, it will take eternity, and give room to build the same product, faster and cheaper for the competition, if you can't do the job. Hence, corporate america is more interested in outsourcing the work, because the internal folks don't have the capability or the skill the do the job.


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