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Abdul Sattar Edhi - Pakistan National Hero

As I was growing up in Pakistan in my teen years, I had the pleasure to watch Abdul Sattar Edhi, came out from the slumps of Karachi, with almost 25 million people in the city, and started helping all the poor people in need. The resources are little and hence the state and government doesn't have the funds to support all the causes. Hence, Mr Edhi, started operating Suzuki vans, doing social work for the whole city.

When a person died, and the family didn't have money for the burial, or to move the body out of the house, they called Dr Edhi. Dr Edhi would immediately send the Suzuki van, take the body and bury to the appropriate place. Millions of people in Karachi have lived under the influence of Dr Edhi. Mr Edhi have created the path for future generations, to do good for humanity.

My mother, a lawyer, also very active in social work, being the president of Lions Club of Pakistan at one point. She travelled all around the world for her trips and very close to Edhi Sahab. Millions of dollars started to get donated to Mr Edhi's cause. A national zero, perhaps the most popular person in Karachi, in our generation.

Edhi Sahah will always be remembered as immortal, a person you can cry to at night and something great happens the next day. His memories will never be erased. Imagine millions of people in need, of hunger, death, disease, national disasters, however a phone number to call. Just call Edhi Sahab and he will send his private ambulance, immediately. I will always remember Dr Edhi has my teacher, guru, master and aaliya.

My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world - Edhi


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