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Unfollow users that don't follow back

Twitter is transforming individuals into personal brands. With your profile, users can determine who you follow, how many followers you have, how many people are re-tweeting your content, the nature of your expertise and links to your business. The users can upload images, links to videos, documents and other multimedia content to further engage their followers. We are living in an Information Age where the transfer of knowledge happens, further increasing our consciousness. We have the ability to follow people that helps us build our intelligence.

When people on twitter look at your profile, its important to send the right message, encourage them to follow you and absorb your content. The hash tags are key because it shows your users what content to expect. The auto tweets is a great way to continue engaging users, increase recency of content and allow google to index your content. Content on twitter gives high SEO score on google indexing.

To increase followers, a proven strategy is to mass follow users, based on search tags. When a user sees that you are following them, it gives them a chance to review your profile. If the search and the content type is relevant to the user, they will follow back. The conversion rate for following users with relevance is around 25%. This means there is 1 out of 4 chance that the users will follow you back. Twitter is strict about aggressive following so its important to follow only a few hundred followers at a time, for example 300. You should wait at least a week, giving the people you are following a chance to follow you back. After this time period is up, measure how many people followed back. Connect with them to encourage communication. You then need an ability to unfollow users that don't follow you back.

Twitter is very strict about unfollowing users aggressively. You should only unfollow users, based on the counts available on various twitter tools. After unfollowing the users that are not interested in your brand, wait at least a week before again searching for new users and mass follow them.

Good luck with increasing followers on twitter!


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