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Early Stage Startup Marketing Strategy

Startup marketing strategies need to be crisp, with lots of options. Here we will discuss how to implement various marketing techniques for early stage growth of your startup.

Distribution: If you have a subscription model or monetizing your audience where every conversion will result in a sale, then advertising is a viable option. If your product is not ready and you are advertising, you have a short window to start converting into sales otherwise it will kill your monthly burn rate. Once you start advertising, your audience will expect the site traffic to always be on that level and up.
Social networks: Leverage affective usage of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Affective social networks marketing reduces your cost of advertising.
Search: All data produced from your website needs to affectively be searchable by Google and show up high ranked and on first page of result.
Data: Capture all the data. Collect all the information you can about your users. Overtime, the data will make more sense and growth patterns can be obtained. Data helps you build more product features over time that are viable to users.
Email campaigns: More now than ever, email campaigns are huge! Email campaigns help you define your audience. Tools like mailchimp, constant contact, etc. will help you determine what users are interested to hear about your service, or not. Regular emails create a sense of community, a niche. Measure conversions, clicks, open rates will give you a great ideas of the value of your service. Are people actually excited to know about your business?
Other sites: Partner sites are key. We are moving into an arena from portal websites to niche websites. It's important to create a cluster of companies that help you build a bigger offering. Each company specializes in key areas.
Word of mouth: Word of mouth and gorilla marketing is back in action. Companies like yelp started with local buzz in local niche markets and by word of mouth and social connection, expanded to huge businesses. Connect with your customers and add them to your email campaigns mailing list to promote constant word of mouth marketing.
Measure: Measure is the buzz word for 2010. Unfortunately, most people know how to measure but don't know how to act. Once you get your analytics report, identify patterns. Is your offering too large to know about your customers? Viral factors, retention cohorts and engagement metrics. Figure it out.

So there you have it. Enjoy and happy marketing for your early stage startup!


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