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Presidential Entrepreneur

Can a presidential entrepreneur work with a venture capital?

The answer is Yes. Working with Hillary Clinton for almost a year, with validation from Rap Mogul, Snoop Dogg and Puff Diddy, the stage is set. Does your venture capital firm have a presidential entrepreneur in residence or not?

It's 2016. We just heard about BrExit. It's basically an exit of Britain from everything else. However, it's a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. The real ones. Not the fake ones. It's an opportunity to come up with startup verticals, social companies that can help the countries. It only takes two. One engineer, and one business mind, secure the funding and go. Build it out. Build a great product, and come contact us if you need marketing.

It's a matter of understanding. If the goal is to rise, then the ideal combination of an entrepreneur and venture capitalist can make any dreams come true. However, the relationship has to be real, and not shallow. Don't give me that, "We have a great relationship with VC!" only to be fingering his ass in the bathroom astrally, when he is not around.

What's a presidential entrepreneur?

The definition of presidential entrepreneur adds much more salt to the mix. You have to deal with your lower level issues, before coming to this league, for example envy, self-confidence, etc. You get to work directly with the president in this case, and use your entrepreneur charm. Very few have been able to join this league. Good luck!


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