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The Job Market

This is definitely the most dynamic time in our history. Within the election year, where democrats and republicans are going at it. The world shadows and creates it's own set of conflicts. Many countries are involved in the economics, and money is moving towards the best interests.

This is a great time for startups. The startups always flourish in low times, and this is where exponential growth occurs. Hence, it's the best time to invest in entrepreneurs and startups. The venture capital model is out of the bag, and now the whole world is imitating what Bay Area, California has been able to accomplish. Great great companies like Facebook and Twitter. Pretty soon, investments from all countries will be diving down the venture capital and entrepreneur pipeline.

The result: the job market is hot! If you are a skilled worker, for example a full stack developer, that has done agile development, you get tons of interviews, about 7-8 a day. The phone is always ringing, the nationality doesn't matter. The reason is that everyone is trying to push for major product releases, to justify to the investors that their product is great, and open up future investments. The best place to look is linkedin, where there are huge amount of openings, if your skills qualify.


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