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Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

There is a war in heaven. Everything has a darker and lighter side. Picking the right side is the key. The venture capitalists provide the door, the entrepreneurs provide the key. Together, they create a path, or an entrance to something larger than themselves. However, in order for that to happen, complete trust needs to be established. To understand venture capitalists of today (2016), we have to go back in time, and study angel investors.

Angel Investors:
Angel investors, like angels and investors, between 2000-2010, were the helpers of the entrepreneurs. Small millionaires, very very hungry for the hyper growth, that would work side by side with the entrepreneurs. They will help solve any problem, and bring a wealth of information, i.e. knowledge capital into the startup. Money is not everything, passion is. Money burns out quickly, but passion creates startups like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, many startups were developed in that era. Not that many any more. The reason being, the same angel investors have now becomes billionaires, from millionaires. They are now playing the venture capitalists field with much larger mutual funds and institution money. However, in the process, they forgot to teach and groom the next generation of angel investors. Hence the economy has a risk moving ahead.

Venture Capitalists:
There is just too much to be said about the psyche of venture capitalists. This blog perhaps can't cover everything, but at least give a glimpse of what it's like. The whole world today wants to know this. Because every country now realizes that startups are the way of the future, if they want to revive their country, and come out of huge debt. If the country expenses are more than earning, it goes down in debt and then bad things happen. Eventually a super power country comes and takes over.


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